Children: the mystery of the universe – I tell you

Dear scientist,

Looking at the Discovery Channel or National Geographic, I always see you hard at work unraveling the secrets of the universe in your labs at MIT or CERN or Harvard or Oxford or whatever. And you’re always looking in deep space, or squinting over rocks…

But you never take a look at children.   To me, they’re the gate to the other dimensions… Children will make time and deep space travel possible.  We just need to harness their power.

Give a child a toy and it disappears almost instantly never to be found ever again.  In my view, they can open gates to other dimensions and toss the toy to other places in the time-space continuum.   I see not other explanation.

Take my daughter for example.  Bought her a 200 piece Lego-set.  Now we’re missing about 50 pieces.  Turned the house upside down, their no where to be found.

I tell you, investigate the children, they have secrets….

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