Digg it ?


Posting is one thing, creating traffic to your blog or to your website is something else…

A lots of followers will help.

So do Social syndication.  Place your story on sites like digg.   If people like your story, they’ll digg it.  The more people digg it, the higher you get in the ranking.  The higher in the ranking, the more likely your post is picked up by the entire world.
And then it comes down again to content.  If you want to appeal to people, you need an appealing story.

Don not distribute mere marketing messages….  Add some flesh to the bones.   Prove your expertise, share your point of view… Add value to the discussion.

Social Media are like cocktailp arties.  As long as you have interesting things to say or news to share, people will stay with you.  When people find you not interesting anymore, they’ll move on.

Client retention, to use a marketing term…

Like  I said: posting is one thing

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